Factory Automation System

Introduction of

MESoD (MES on Demand)

1. What is MESoD

MESoD is a java based system which enable to manage and control of manufacturing in factory including solution of messaging & pushing.

User Experience

HTML5,  Responsive Web

  • Supporting various browser
  • Display optimal user Layout
  • Easy remote maintenance of system


Secure timeliness data of factory and paperless environment

  • Instantly data input and computerization
  • Enabling easy & correct input using bluetooth device

Fool Proof

Prevent workers error

  • FIFO of raw material
  • Consistent with Job Order in input of raw material & proper Mold in starting work
  • FIFO of products
  • Consistent with Job Standard in process

2. MESoD Configuration

3. Example of using MESoD

4. Function Matrix of MESoD

5. MESoD Feature – Mobility